Luna Eclipse – Screenprint

It is quite rare for me to release screen-prints. A little while ago, I released my first 10 layer screen print, titled Luna Eclipse.  In collaboration with good friends Street Art News, Mission To Art & Sericraft during my short residency in Italy with Street Alps in late 2015.

There are still some limited editions left of the LUNA ECLIPSE Screentprint that is exclusively sold through the Street Art News Store
Print measures 50 x 50 cm on 300gsm Hahnemuhle paper. Hand Pulled 10 Layer silk-screen print signed and numbered out of an edition of only 35.
Get in fast, before they vanish!






Abandoned Berlin – Upcoming Book

Over the past 3+ years living in Berlin, I have been slowly chipping away at a personal project on documenting the process of painting in some of the amazing Abandoned buildings and factories that surround the city of Berlin.
Most footage has never been posted online, as I am slowly building up this body of work large enough to make a published book on this process which I find very interesting. Many people know I love Urban Exploring and painting inside and around these unique places. I am excited that this book is finally coming together and it will also include shots of all the found objects and rusted spray-cans that I collect and paint on these weekly missions to these remote locations outside Berlin.
More info shortly on this upcoming book in the making.
Summer in Berlin is here, right now Im just enjoying the process…

M i R A G E

Thanks to all the lovely Parisian friends and family who came to support the opening of MIRAGE which opened to the public April 30th – May 21st at GALERIE MATHGOTH in Paris, France.

The Opening was a great night and great response to my new work. Always a welcomed moment to get some feedback on my new body of work. Below is some information on my recent debut Paris solo-exhibition >

“Beginning his journey as a conventional artist in year 1999, James Reka – aka RekaOne – is an Australian-born artist, currently living in Berlin. In September 2015, the Parisians familiar with the M.U.R. on Oberkampf Street saw him working on site and discovered his colorful world. He produced that very same summer a 30-meter-high mural painting, in the 13th District of Paris, which can even be seen from the Périphérique.

With his 9-floor mural painting made in Montreal in year 2013, Reka has joined the horde of muralists invited all over the world. His work is not only visible in France but also in Japan, Italy, in the United States and Australia.

For his very first solo exhibition at the Mathgoth Gallery, Reka offers his public to dive into a “Mirage”. Swaying, almost aquatic and often very feminine creatures started to appear in his work in year 2003 and are now presented on 9 large format paintings. However, instead of being his principal characters, they have become one element in a set of abstract landscapes. In addition to several canvas, the artist is also working with used aerosols among other common objects. Dixit Reka: “This exhibition is like a mood board exploring the theme of the mirage; our vision being misleading. In a mirage appears what you desire to see.”

Merging classic and folk backgrounds, the artist likes to break boundaries between forms and contours. On a wall or a canvas, the characters and objects nest one with another by the game of astonishing straight twists, becoming almost necessary to ogle in order to see what is hidden there.

“My style” he said “is more straightforward now, it has become rather abstract over the years. I am more focusing on the whole harmony rather than the content, on the link between every individual line and every shape.”

Reka’s art work has been inspired by 2 movements; Cubism getting the upper hand over Surrealism, which revealed the mirage as a curve towards abstraction.

The artist puts an extra care in executing his figures with specific aesthetics, vivid colored flat tints, burless painted turns, lines and curves. Straightforward, his compositions made of pop hints are flirting with geometry. No matter from what corner you will be looking at Rekas’ paintings, their moving perspectives invite to reflection and optical illusion, through games of colors, straight lines and volumes.”

– Galerie Mathgoth, May 2016










For available artwork enquiries from this MIRAGE exhibition.
Please contact – for a pdf Catalogue to be sent.